Managing Expectations During Postpartum

I have just become a momma of three!! ????

I love all of my babies and a new baby brings so much joy.

But it’s hard! Hard to balance the competing demands of the children, the house, my own needs and my husband’s.

And since I’ve never been a mother of three before, I don’t really know what to expect and how much time will be dedicated to caring for everyone. Over time, things will get more predictable but meanwhile, I need some sense of normalcy . Here’s my plan:

  • Get dressed and wear clothes that fit now/buy a few new ones
  • Try to keep my routines but loosely
  • Keep writing
  • Keep reading
  • Keep family traditions like movie night
  • Prioritize special time with my older kids even if it’s once a week.
  • Utilize my kids help
  • Involve my kids in the babies care even if it’s having them choose the babies outfit for the day
  • Prioritize getting to bed at a decent time but have some time with husband watching a show
  • Make time to laugh. Jim Gaffigan anyone?
  • Take little walks to process any anxiety/stress
  • Give myself grace to get the help I need
  • Recieve help graciously.
  • Try to delight in the dishes and laundry …thank God I have so many people to love.
  • Practice awareness with my emotional state and talk about it and take action to alleviate and process difficult emotions.
  • Eat the cookie, buy the shoes. Give myself grace to let go a little when it comes to all the things I try to be on top of all of the time.

What helps/helped you navigate the postpartum time?