About Me

Welcome to pollyannie!

Here I will share things I’ve learned that have made my life better.

Why pollyannie you say?

I come from a long line of Pollyannas, you see. Women just like the story book character. There is my beautiful grandmother who always sees the bright side of everything, and my wonderful momma who is so full of joy and love it touches others wherever she goes.

That, and, they call me Annie. (not Anna)

My Catholic faith is extremely important to me. I am married to wonderful husband and I have two beautiful children ages 2&3 and an adorable fur baby named Luna. I love reading, drawing, styling, cooking, and baking. I also love finding ways to make everyday life easier and more streamlined as to enjoy it more fully.
So want to know how to live your faith more fully? Improve your marriage? Get more organized? Make raising a family easier? Cook healthy meals and save money and time? And see inspiring quotes and artwork while you’re at it?
Then stay tuned!