Every Baby Comes With a Loaf of Bread

I’m not sure where this saying came from but I first heard it in one of Jennifer Fulwiler’s books. I interpret as God will not be outdone in generosity. When you generous to the Lord with your time ( i.e. bringing a new baby into the world), talent or treasure , God returns the generosity back to you.

He’s here!

You may or may not have heard, but our beautiful baby boy just entered the world.

A hypochondriac pregnancy

It was a mostly healthy pregnancy but it was difficult mentally , I was anxious about all my symptoms and I had glucose intolerance and had to eat a special diet. I also had a low-lying placenta which usually resolves itself (mine did) but can be dangerous during labor .

The labor went great , let me know if you want to hear the whole story, and our sweet baby boy is doing just fine!

Anyway though, it was a bit of a hard pregnancy. In December finances got pretty tight and then of course March brought shelter in place and all the pandemic drama.

By all stretches of the imagination it would not seen the best time to have a baby, right? But what God ordains He sustains.

And then God rained down His blessings

The past two months we have been able to pay off debt and have gotten a few checks in the mail that we’re completely unexpected because of refinancing our house.

We had some dear friends watch our children when it was time for labor and my sweet parents were able to stay for a week .

And then the packages started to arrive. Food, diapers, clothes, more food, more diapers. I am overcome with gratitude.

Learning to Trust in Him Anyway

There were many times during this pregnancy when I encountered self doubt. How am I going to do this? I think we all think this way when we take on a new adventure . When I had these thoughts I just tried to do the next right thing and trust in the Lord. (And voice my concerns to my husband 10 million times, bless his heart lol) I’m so glad I trusted in God. He knows the deepest desires of my heart.

Basically we started this pregnancy in a completely different financial situation and now we are in a completely better one. God has a plan and every baby comes with a loaf of bread. ♥️