The Fly Lady System: My Experience

I have been trying the Fly Lady System over the past several months. I am improving my home management skills and helped me feel more in control…who wouldn’t want that?

What is the Fly Lady System?

It’s a system for managing your home which includes customizable daily routines . You will focus on a zone each week. Eventually, you will have a clean home all the time (with practice) but never be slaving away all a day. “The dripping of water wears away stone.”(Not sure who said this but I like it! )

Who is the Fly Lady System for?

Fortunately, both women working in the home and outside the home can use it. The routines are completely customizable.

What if I have small children hanging on me all day?

Fly Lady Kat gives amazing advice on what to do with children underfoot as well as training them to do chores and couldn’t we all use a little help with that? I feel like she’s a long lost auntie who won’t let me get away with anything , ha!

What’s so great about the Fly Lady System?

It puts my mind at ease. All the typical pitfalls of homemaking are put to rest. Likewise, when I am just irritated or sick I know what is realistic to expect of myself and when I should give myself grace. It empowers me to keep holding on to the wagon.

How do you implement it in your home?

Firstly, I identify the routines that take more focus and do them at times when my kids are having planned TV time. Next, I do the rest with them or when they are playing.

Lastly, I schedule my focus areas for my zones into my planner.

How does it make you feel?

To sum up, I feel so taken care of and my mental load is reduced because I’m not reinventing the wheel everyday. Routines and habits are life-changing! In addition, when a routine becomes a habit it takes hardly any willpower to do it! Do you think about flushing the toilet? Brushing your teeth? The power of habits, I tell you!

Here are some resources on the Fly Lady System:

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Fly Lady Kat Youtube Channel