It’s Okay to Use Screens Right Now (and Other Ways to Relieve Stress)

It’s Okay to Use Screens

Let yourself us screens right now. Yep, I said it. And yes I know what these guys say about it. All good parents want to give their children the best of themselves. They want the time they spend together to be educational, recreational, or some other kind of high quality time.

And that’s important.

Right Now is Different

But during a time such as this, we have to give ourselves grace and prioritize. That’s why I’m writing this post. Even before all of the COVID-19 chaos, I noticed my parenting peers feeling such shame about ever using screens (myself included). And now, so many parents view other people’s quarantine schedules and beat themselves up, or strive to do things the way someone else is doing them, etc. instead of looking at their reality and making a plan that works for them. Oh and by the way, making a plan takes focus and time and how are you going to get that? There’s nothing that makes more sense than allowing yourself to use screens. (And yes high quality screen time is best , but just for now a little extra Disney movies aren’t going to have any long term damage.)

Use Screens to Make a Plan and Get Some Rest

I have made a routine for my family during this time. I don’t execute it perfectly but I believe it helps everyone get their needs met on a NORMAL day. But not everyday is normal. And this first weeks of our new life in quarantine certainly aren’t normal. I believe that gives us all permission to use screens as needed to make a plan, to get some solitude, to call a friend, to breathe.

(For my routine inspiration check this out.)

Of course, when you have your plan, have gotten some rest, then do your best to add higher quality parenting and teaching. But remember to be flexible!

These Ladies Keep It Real

This podcast really inspired me. It’s entitled, “if you can’t keep up with it all, it’s not your fault”. What a breath of fresh air!

Key points:

  • Parenting is harder than it used to be because society expects us to watch every single thing our kids do versus sending them out all day to play like they would 50+ years ago.
  • Don’t feel pressured to be Martha Stewart and make every meal from scratch , that a realistic goal would be to get one healthier meal on the table a day and feel proud of that.
  • We need to be kind to ourselves so we don’t burn out.
  • We have to make a family routine that works for OUR family. It’s okay if we aren’t all morning people. It doesn’t mean we are lazy heathens.
  • Don’t protect your children from everything and stop yourself fromenlisting their help and making them sacrifice their free time to help the family .I think sometimes we get so caught up in “getting things done” that we forget our family is there to help us and alleviate the burden. There’s no better time for our kids to learn to step it up and take on more responsibility. I asked my son to make him and his sister a snack, it wasn’t what I would have chosen but he did it and I think he did a great job. Because of that, I was able to accomplish something else and not have the weight of the world rest on my shoulders alone.
  • If you weren’t a person who cooks etc before this happens, why would you be now? Don’t expect to become Martha Stewart overnight just because are at home and “have time” now. If you want to explore homemaking for fun, cool, but don’t add unnecessary pressure. You gotta stay sane!

Great Tips for Managing Stress

This podcast reminded me of another great video I saw recently:

What I loved:

  • Deleting unnecessary expectations.
  • Learning to delegate to family.
  • Delighting in things that are just part of life and you can’t delete or delegate.

Pressure to Perform Well

In this video a caller tells Mel Robbins how he has been waking up with anxiety about making the most out of his day and feeling overwhelmed with all he has to do. I have felt this way right now and I love how she points out that we are all experiencing heightened levels of stress right now and what we can do about it.

Have any of you found some good ways to cope with stress during this time? Have you also felt pressure to have an amazing routine during quarantine? Let me know, I’d love to hear.