5 Clues For Uncovering Your Blue Flame

5 Clues for Uncovering Your Blue Flame

In Jennifer Fulwiler’s new book “One Beautiful Dream” she talks about having a blue flame. (Also this book may be the best book I’ve ever read. Just sayin’. Get.It..Now )

What is a blue flame?

What is a blue flame? It’s something that you have such burning passion for that if it were a flame it would turn blue because it’s at such a high heat. (Remember chemistry?) For Jennifer , it’s writing. It is a gift or talent that energizes you but that also can bless others.

I don’t think I have one

But what if you don’t know what your blue flame is? What if you feel like you have no talents? Or you can’t pinpoint a main talent among your many talents and interests? I have been confused in this way , but I’m discovering there may be clues to help you discover it, you:

  1. Straighten up in your chair because you are so excited to talk about it.
  2. Research and read about it constantly.
  3. People notice you are good at it and passionate about it.
  4. Are a go-to person on the subject.
  5. Feel drawn to do it when you have some uninterrupted time?.

For me it boils down to self-discipline – especially time-management / routines which includes organization because being organized affects your mental state which will help you save time and implement your routines. I could talk for hours about routines. I could name 10+ books I’ve read on the subject. When I have free time I watch YouTube videos about it. People have noticed when they visit me my house looks well-managed even though I have two highly active toddlers and that I am well dressed and have makeup on. I’m always analyzing how I could make things run smoother in my life to better serve others, take care of myself and my household. Self-discipline truly is essential for a life well-lived . A life lived with intention.

So what do you think your blue flame is? Do you have more than one? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I wish your blue flame was one of mine… ? I’m all about stories. Writing them, reading them, speaking them, hearing them, watching them, discerning them through the arts… I love all of it!

    1. LOL Well maybe that’s why we all need each other’s gifts, because they are all different! If you ever need any help that with things associated with my blue flame, let me know. I could definitely benefit from writing advice. You have always been an AMAZING story teller. Like, unbelievable.

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