Make Time for Joy

I think we all are doing our best to remember our health goals, financial goals, etc. The things that take a lot of discipline and aren’t necessarily enjoyable to do, but have great benefits. All the things we do to be responsible adults.

But what about the things that make life worth living?

Eating your favorite meal? Going out for ice cream? Sleeping in? Trying that new coffee shop? When was the last time you thought of a pleasurable activitiy, wrote it down and actually scheduled it?

I started thinking about this after reading Girl Wash Your Face, and The Empowered Wife. In Girl wah Your Face, the author talks about how she was super disciplined in regard to her physical health, but her stress level was through the roof because she needed to just slow down and take times to do what she loved. I found this so interesting because I though if you ate right and exercised, your would be at optimum health. But that’s not the case. We have to feed our souls. We need joy. Doing what sets your soul on fire fills your cup back up.

What things do you do to fill up your cup?

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