YOLO (You Only Live Online)

funny-picture-you-only-live-onlineThis was me.

Not quite, just a little self-deprecating humor for you.

Before I became a mom, I went to work 40 hours a week, slept 10+ hours a day, stayed up way too late and you guessed it – spent an obscene amount of time online. I would be on pinterest, Facebook, various blogs, online stores, etc for hours. I was pretty depressed, aimless, I wasted my time, and I felt anxious and unmotivated. I have always wanted to have children but I was always afraid to lose my “free time”. This free time however was not fulfilling to me in anyway because I wasn’t living my passions; my life was just about distraction.

Becoming a mom has not only helped me to live offline but it has helped me to thrive. I have been able to grow so much. I have adopted better habits like eating at regular times, keeping a schedule, eating healthfully, making alone time a priority, I have kept my house cleaner and tidier, cooking instead of eating out, when I went back to school I got better grades than I ever have in my whole life, I have read more books since I’ve had my first child than I have in the last 10 years. I’ve been able to do so many things I’ve been waiting to do because the pressure of taking care of another life has driven me to make myself into a better me and use every second wisely because I have much less free time than before. I had prayed to God for years to be more motivated, to make my home a sanctuary, to go back to school, manage money better, to be more productive, to live healthfully, to read more, to cook more, to just enjoy life more, and He has blessed me beyond measure by presenting me the challenge of motherhood.

Mind you, this isn’t everyone’s experience with becoming a mom and that’s okay. But it was mine and I think it’s important to share the positive side of having children because it can get a bad rap!

I think sometimes we don’t need more distraction. Sometimes we need a challenge.