The “Perfect Mom”

progressUpon reflection of my last post, “You Only Live Online”. Upon reflection, I decided I to write this post. There’s no such thing as the perfect mom.

I pray that my blog can be a blessing and encouragement to anyone who reads it, especially you moms out there. The last thing I would want to happen is it to be another thing for you to measure yourself up against or compare yourself to. We don’t need more mommy wars.

I don’t have it all together.

I struggle daily to get dressed, make a phone call, keep my patience and just stay sane. When I had my first child I was a total mess and I struggled with a lot of anxiety and guilt. My anxiety kept me from sleeping and my guilt kept me from enjoying anything I wasn’t doing for my new baby. In my mind I thought if I wasn’t spending time with him every second I was a bad mom.

I have the same struggles everyone else has.

However, I have found coping mechanisms that help me and that is what I wish to share on this blog. (and writing about them helps me remember them!) I don’t have my life all together now, I don’t have a clean house all the time, I don’t eat right all the time, etc but I do do those things MORE than before I was a mom. It’s progress, not perfection. (Something that is very hard for me to accept) Remember, there is no perfect mom.

Some other quotes that are meaningful to me:


I think the above image especially exemplifies motherhood, the hardest job there is. It takes all that you have. You pretty much live in a storm. So if you are going to enjoy it, you have to learn to dance in the rain. And below, good ol’ Joyce Meyer: