The Life Wheel and You Can Take Up Space

I am reading Jennifer Fulwiler’s new book “Your Blue Flame” and I’m loving it! I’m on the chapter called “You Can Take Up Space.”

You can take up space.

In this chapter, Jen talks about how she was in a very stressful time of her life trying to do everything on her own and still write a book . She realized she needed help and she asked her husband if she could stay at a hotel for two days to finish the book. Even though she went through with it , she went through a lot of turmoil mentally before asking her husband for that time.

She felt selfish.


Like she was taking something away from her family.

Have you guys ever felt that way? You long to do something but feel like you couldn’t possibly take the time? Or invest the money? I have felt that way for sure. When I read this chapter I actually started to feel mad at myself because it’s been awhile since I took that time.

Work on being better, but give yourself grace.

But then I have to give myself grace. Of course I just had a baby and that’s sorta kinda a huge deal! I also have been pregnant for nine months. The point is we human beings, we are dynamic creatures. We get busy. Our circumstances are ever changing and therefore so are our needs. I think it’s important to take time to reflect on this regularly, so our life wheel can stay in better balance.

This is a life wheel if you are unfamiliar with the concept.

You might be killing it in other areas.

Maybe you are also a mom of young kids and individual pursuits are hard to come by. Don’t forget the ways in which you are trying to stay in balance, though, in your pursuit to have more time for your blue flame.

For instance, over the past year I haven’t been writing as much but I’ve done a great job with eating right and having good fitness, being there for my kids and my husband and keeping the house together. I have also paid off quite a bit of debt. All these things are super super important to me. But we can’t get a 10 on every part of our life wheel everyday.We have to choose what is most important at the time . Therefore, reflect regularly.

It’s all about what’s important right now.

Sometimes the house will get a 1 and writing will be at a 9 . Awesome. Sometimes it’s all about my family , and sometimes it will be about getting organized. I am a person who loves structure so my brain longs for a rigid routine that will work for me no matter where I’m at. But that’s completely unrealistic. Needs change all the time so I have to be flexible and follow any routine I have, loosely.

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