How to Throw a Blippi Birthday Party on a Budget

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Blippi Birthday Party on a Budget

My kids love Blippi. “B-L-I-P-P-I!”  (if you have kids who watch this, you’ll understand this reference.

So for their joint birthday party this year, we decided to have a Blippi theme. We had a nice cake table decorated with toys they already had (like an excavator and monster truck), pizza and salad bar and goodie bags for the kids to take home.

Here’s how it turned out, our Blippi birthday party on a budget:

(I drew the Blippi picture and I used poster board from Dollar Tree. For the Blippi logo, I cut it out from the toy container)

How I Did It

I kept the invitations simple, just from the 99 Cents Only store and they weren’t a special theme. I ordered the cake from the grocery store and just ordered it with blue frosting, because I planned on putting a birthday boy and birthday girl candle on it (from Dollar Tree) each with a Blippi action figure from 

We ordered 2 cheese pizzas and 3 pepperoni from Little Caesar’s. (Sometimes I make my own pizza though!)

This was my Dollar Tree shopping list:

  • white table cloth
  • birthday girl candle
  • birthday boy candle
  • blue poster board
  • white poster board
  • orange duck tape
  • blue tassles
  • Happy Birthday sign
  • Paper plates for the cake and the pizza as well as napkins
  • Plastic utensils
  • treat bags
  • favor toys
  • blue container for the treat bags

After Dollar Tree, I headed over to Party City:

  • candy
  • orange balloons
  • blue balloons

Then I stopped by Big Lots:

  • summer salad bowl  on clearance
  • summer ice bucket on clearance

My Walmart Grocery shopping list:

  • Croutons
  • Salad mix
  • cherry tomatoes
  • 4 salad dressings
  • avocado
  • shredded cheese
  • red onion
  • mushrooms
  • shredded carrots
  • diet coke, coke, and sprite
  • caprisuns
  • snack packs for the goodie bags

Party Planning Tool

Here’s a printable I designed to help you do your party planning! All the lists are here, you only need to fill them in! This way you will be less likely to forget something and more likely to save money.

I spent around $280 total,  which seemed reasonable to feed 20 people and have a complete party. I could have saved more money if I made the cake myself and omitted the goodie bags and kept the salad bar more simple. But there you have it! I was pleased with how everything turned out.

So tell me, how do you do birthday parties for your children? Do you have any good tips and tricks? Let me know in the comments below, and please subscribe if you like what you see!

YOLO (You Only Live Online)

funny-picture-you-only-live-onlineThis was me.

Not quite, just a little self-deprecating humor for you.

Before I became a mom, I went to work 40 hours a week, slept 10+ hours a day, stayed up way too late and you guessed it – spent an obscene amount of time online. I would be on pinterest, Facebook, various blogs, online stores, etc for hours. I was pretty depressed, aimless, I wasted my time, and I felt anxious and unmotivated. I have always wanted to have children but I was always afraid to lose my “free time”. This free time however was not fulfilling to me in anyway because I wasn’t living my passions; my life was just about distraction.

Becoming a mom has not only helped me to live offline but it has helped me to thrive. I have been able to grow so much. I have adopted better habits like eating at regular times, keeping a schedule, eating healthfully, making alone time a priority, I have kept my house cleaner and tidier, cooking instead of eating out, when I went back to school I got better grades than I ever have in my whole life, I have read more books since I’ve had my first child than I have in the last 10 years. I’ve been able to do so many things I’ve been waiting to do because the pressure of taking care of another life has driven me to make myself into a better me and use every second wisely because I have much less free time than before. I had prayed to God for years to be more motivated, to make my home a sanctuary, to go back to school, manage money better, to be more productive, to live healthfully, to read more, to cook more, to just enjoy life more, and He has blessed me beyond measure by presenting me the challenge of motherhood.

Mind you, this isn’t everyone’s experience with becoming a mom and that’s okay. But it was mine and I think it’s important to share the positive side of having children because it can get a bad rap!

I think sometimes we don’t need more distraction. Sometimes we need a challenge.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Frustration Is Not What You Want

You can’t always get what you want. It’s true, but man is it frustrating. Do you ever choose not to sleep so you can get something done? Do you ever spend a whole day without relaxation in order to live up to ridiculous expectations you place on yourself?


Lately I find myself very frustrated because of my perfectionist tendencies. I find it very hard to accept that when I’m doing one thing, I can’t be doing something else. I can’t be in two places at once.

It is very hard to accept things as they are and not try to fit everything to my own desires.

When I try to do this I end up running around like a chicken with my head cut off all day, never stopping to enjoy a moment and getting so caught up with things that don’t matter anyway! If I died right now, would I have wanted to spend more time with my family or detailing my bathroom? It helps me to slow down and just do one thing at a time. When I do this, I notice I don’t get as much done but what I do get done, I do well and I feel peaceful inside. It also helps to ask for God’s help in accomplishing something. It may not get done the way you want it or when you want it but it will happen in God’s time. That’s where the Serenity Prayer comes in and really helps put things in perspective.










I have also decided to set boundaries with household tasks. I’ve decided no housework will happen from when my husband get homes till the babies go to bed. This has set an example to my family that rest is important. I tend to be overly ambitious with my to do lists and routines.

But as a good friend of mine always says, “you can’t live your whole life in one day!” Ha! How true that is. So yeah, you can’t always get what you want but as the song says , “you’ll find, you get what you need.” We have to remember what we want (getting our whole list accomplished) isn’t always what is in our best interest, and God created us to need rest and time to enjoy with family and it’s something we have to accept.


This video and book have helped me put things into perspective:

21 Ways To Finding Peace and Happiness by Joyce Meyer

How to Effectively Plan , Manage Your Time, and Change Your Life

In a Funk? Here is What You Need to Do To Get Out of it

Help for Balancing Your Life