Kind Strangers, Weeping, and Morning Surprises

I had one of those days today. Let me tell you about it.


6:00 AM Snooze

6:30 AM Okay I will get up. I am so glad to have some quiet time with the Lord and to read.

6:31 AM My son walks in the room and crawls into bed. We snuggle.

7 AM I decide to finally get up.

7:05 AM My daughter comes out and takes her diaper off and gives me a fancy dress and pajama pants to put on and tells me she’s cold and wants a blanket. I remember to grab the dog and put her outside before the dog eats her diaper, or before she has a potty accident in the house.

7:06 AM I admonish myself for staying up too late blogging. I should really go to bed earlier. I thank God for leftover coffee in the fridge.

7:07 AM I make breakfast. Strawberries and oatmeal with brown sugar. My son whines about not having enough brown sugar. I tell him no and say he can sit on my lap. I say grace on my way to sit down to eat with them. I really should slow down and sit down to say grace. Mental note.

7:30 AM Time to get the show on the road. I run a load of laundry, then I hear screaming. My daughter took my sons toy. I handle the situation. I set a timer for 5 minutes and go do a quick tidy. Before the timer goes off, another scream.

8:00 AM The tidying up is finally done. I decide to call my mom. While on the phone I wash the dishes and then resolve three fights and bribe them with some skittles for when I’m done with the phone call. I think about why I try to have phone calls.

8:30 AM My mom has to go and so do I before the house burns down. The pillows from the daybed and couch are everywhere and the toys are too. I accept it and move on.

8:32 AM I decide the kids and I better get dressed because our contractor will be here soon and I don’t want to be in my bathrobe again when he arrives. True story.

8:33 AM My daughter fights with me over her outfit. We compromise on a nice dress after I agree to let her wear her little high heels. My son puts on his outfit because he knows soon he will be rewarded with an hour of TV so I can have some prayer time and time to get ready for the day. Both my kids help make their beds and cleanup their toys after much prompting and reminding on my part.

9 AM I turn the TV on and I read the Bible and “rediscover Catholicism” I get dressed and put my makeup on.

10 AM Our contractor arrives. the kids clamor to see what he’s up to. I set out a snack for us.

10:45 AM The contractor leaves. We make a trip down to Waterford.

11:35 AM We get to Waterford. My daughter fell asleep in the car but my son didn’t. (Darn! It would have been nice to squeeze a few pages of my book in.) Our first stop is the library. My daughter fights me about going to the bathroom. My son finds the bathroom and locks himself in. Fortunately, he unlocked it right as I approached.

11:45 AM We finish our bathroom stop and we find the toys and puzzles. My daughter plays with dinosaurs and makes loud sounds and I worry that she is being too loud for the library and I tell her to use a quiet voice. She does once but continues to “rawr”. I sit on the floor with my kids while they play and occasonally join them in a puzzle. I found a United States one. I give it a go. Then my daughter steps on the part I am working on and I give up.


12:00 Pm A lady with 3 young children walks in. She is wearing her youngest in a baby carrier. I want to make conversation but the introvert in me is at a loss for words. She helps her son pick some books then has him count them. He is probably 3 or 4. I silently judge and compare myself to her.

12:20 PM We decide its time to leave the library. On the way out, a cat runs in. Of course my kids want to see it. But I hurry them. Why am I always in a hurry? I decide to let them go check it out. The kind librarian introduces them to the cat and teaches them how to pet it. This blessed man also has the patience to point out marbles in the pavement to my sweet daughter. Thank you, God.

12:30 PM I decide it’s time for a coffee. But should I? I think I’ve been drinking too much coffee. I’ve been a little wired , but I’m also tired and I have a lot of day left ahead of me. Coffee it is. Large is half off? Okay, sure.

12:45 PM We head over to the hardware store. I tell my kids, if you are good, we will go to the park afterward. I am tired by now so I won’t exactly be sad if we don’t end up going. I see there is no cart for the kids to go in. Uh oh. They are going to touch everything.

1 PM I am ready to leave. The kids are touching everything. I can’t find the air filter I need. A kind employee approaches me and asks if I need help. She pretends we are all on a choo choo train. Thank you God for this beautiful woman who is entertaining my kids.

1:10 PM We leave without for filter. Well, that trip was in vain. The kids ask me if we are going to the park. I tell them “we’ll see” and I wait to tell them that we can’t go until we are all in the car.

1:20 PM Crying ensues. There is weeping and gnashing of teeth. WE drive home.

2 PM I get home. Both kids are asleep for quite some time. I try to nap in the car too but I had too much coffee. I decide to read some books from hoopla on my phone. My phone dies. I know if I turn the car on charge my phone the kids will wake up. I decide to just enjoy the silence. Meanwhile, I have to go to the bathrooom.

2:15 PM I really have to go. I have to wake the kids up. There is more weeping and gnashing of teeth. I text my husband and say I can’t make dinner today.


5:30 PM My husband gets home. He tries to tell me about his day. We get interrupted my fighting probably 4 times in 5 minutes. I decide to lay down.

6:10 PM My husband makes dinner for the kids and brings me some salad. He plays with the kids and dances with them and gets them ready for bed. God bless that man!

6:15 PM I notice the dog has already found a DVD case from the library and destroyed it. And my daughter joined in. Great. I go in my room and read or blog or something. I can’t remember.

8 PM I join my husband to say bedtime prayers for the kids.

9:30 PM My kids jump out of bed. I don’t want to reprimand them because I knew they took long naps. I get out lizard Nacho out and we play with him for a bit. Then I send them back to bed.

10 PM I spend time with my husband after doing some chores and go to bed.

The Next Day

5 :30 AM My son crawls into bed with me.

7 AM my husband tells me there is poop everywhere from our dog and he was short on time so it’s on me. My daughter wakes up. I smell poop. I thank God her diaper is still on.

And there you have it. A crazy 24 hours in my shoes. Tell me, can you relate?

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