I’m In Love

So guys , I’m in love with this guy. He’s super sweet and he hugs me and kisses me and says he loves me but he also :

  1. Kicks me
  2. Bites me
  3. Runs away from me
  4. Spills his water on purpose
  5. Yells at me
  6. Usually doesn’t listen to me
  7. Throws things at me
  8. Doesn’t appreciate the food I make for him
  9. Doesn’t have a job
  10. Needs help going to the bathroom
  11. Wakes me up in the middle of the night.
  12. Embarrasses me in public
  13. Begs me for sweets and everything he sees at the store
  14. Always says no

Okay, okay. You must think I’m crazy to be in this relationship or you just have figured out I’m talking about my son. Lol

Guys when you feel mad at your kids remember, parenting is super hard and if your child was an adult you would have discontinued contact a long time ago due to their disrespectful behavior! So give yourself the grace to be human and don’t beat yourself up when you feel mad.