Do It Anyway

Have you ever wondered “why does the way of the wicked prosper”? Have you ever looked at other people around you and wondered why they get the same or better pay, treatment, recognition or attention as you, but they seem selfish or lazy or just not that great of a person?

I have, especially in the workplace .

I have often felt like a fool working as hard as I do while others don’t work half as hard. Have you ever felt insecure or insignificant? Like “the least in your family”? I have often felt this way because I compare myself a lot to others and I feel insecure about not having a career, a degree, etc. I still struggle with these feelings at times but the following quotes help to set me free:


When I get those feelings or I’m just having a bad day in general, this quote reminds me of what’s important: MY actions. I don’t have control over what other people say but I do have control over my behavior – and God sees everything I do. Knowing that, it refreshes me and makes it easier to do the right thing even if I am upset, feel betrayed, exhausted, etc.


The same inner struggles can happen outside of work, too. If you are a wife and mother or caretaker of some sort, you know the things you do for your family can seem monotonous, endless, and insignificant. You do laundry, dishes, give baths, feed babies and change diapers nonstop. You don’t get pay or recognition, you do all of this unseen. But what better path to become like Jesus? God wants us to do good works unseen. These quotes makes me feel better about not having a prestigious career, it reminds me that the little things matter in God’s eyes. I may not make a lot of money or be able to change the world but I CAN do small things with great love and I can “do it anyway.”