Celebrate ALL of the Moms in Your Life

My Moms Rock

I am so blessed to have an amazing mom and 2 wonderful mother-in-laws. Let me tell you about them:

My momma. She is so beautiful. A lady of great poise. Growing up, she made our house a home and sacrificed so much for us. She plays heavenly music on the piano, and she can comfort me like no one else in the world. She always understands. She sews precious little purses, pillow cases, and other projects. She helps run multiple people’s homes. She never complains. Though she doesn’t always consider herself the most prayerful or spiritual person – in my eyes she lives like a saint. A true example of the works of mercy.

My beautiful Momma, my older sister, and myself as a baby.

My mother-in-law close-by (my husband’s step-mom). She is a gorgeous, fiery woman. Probably the funniest lady I know. She has a wonderful laugh and has a fierce determination in whatever she does. When it comes to providing for her family, she is relentless. She always has gifts every time we see her. She is always thinking of others. She loves her family with every ounce of her being. She has been there for our family in so many ways, even when I’ve been sick. She has great concern for the outcasts of society and practices what she preaches. She even opens her home to people that society casts away.

My mother-in-law and I at my son’s baby shower.

My mother-in-law far away. She is a lovely, artistic woman and she’s a great listener. She always takes time to send a birthday card and gift. She builds us up and supports our choices even when she disagrees. When she comes to visit she will buy us all the necessities we need to last us several weeks. Though she doesn’t live close, we know she loves us.

My mother-in-law in blue and her birth mom in pink.

All three of these women are special and important to me and deserve to be recognized for the good they have done. But I can’t forget about the women who have been spiritual mothers to me. That is why I titled this post “celebrate ALL of the moms in your life”.

What is a Spiritual Mother?

A spiritual mother is someone who has been a mother figure to you who may or may not have children of their own. As Alice Von Hildebrand says in this article, ” Therefore, it’s not a matter of either having biological or legally adopted children, or being childless. No! A mother is the very essence of femininity. We have got to be mothers! It’s interesting that sometimes even little girls already understand this in the way they help their little sister or brother. I totally reject the idea that you are not a mother unless you have children of your own. “

“I totally reject the idea that you are not a mother unless you have children of your own. “

Alice Von Hildebrand

My Spiritual Mothers

Here is a shout out to my own spiritual mothers:

The Virgin Mary. I am like your toddler little girl saying “pick me up” and “help me”. Thank you for always welcoming me with open arms and not snapping at me by only coming to you when I need something.

My Grandma. You are a saintly woman. As one of my cousins put, you are the Proverbs 31 woman. You are my role model of hospitality and positivity. You “set your mind on things above”. When I grow older, I hope to be like you. Wise and full of joy and still passionate about life.

My Aunts. You ladies are amazing. You are busy with your own lives and children and you have still made the time to remember my birthday, celebrate life milestones with me and my family, and taken a genuine interest in my life. Thank you.

My Sisters. You care so deeply about me. You are so busy but you still make time to keep in touch.

Image may contain: 3 people, including Julie García Figueroa and Anne Marie Glenn
My younger sister, me pregnant with my first baby, and my older sister.

My Bosses. Cathy and Alyssa. You ladies took me under your wing and taught me so much and you also cared deeply about me. Thank you for noticing me, developing me and recognizing me.

My Friends. You give me air time. You pick me up when I’m down. You build me up refresh me. Thank you for everything.

Who are Your Spiritual Mothers?

Who has been a spiritual mother to you? Please take the time and send them a text, card, or give them a call. Maybe you have been a spiritual mother to someone and you have never been given the credit for it. Please know how loved you are and the beautiful work you have done for others.

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