How to Make a Red Bubble Store Quickly and Easily

how to make a red bubble store

Wondering how to make a Red Bubble store? Keep reading to learn more!

Why I Wanted an Online Store

I heard about and thought it would be really cool to have my designs printed on merchandise and have a third party ship them for me and take care of my customers. I have been drawing my whole life so I had quite a few pieces of art that I could upload immediately.

Why I Chose Red Bubble

I started a Cafepress shop and then I started to encounter a few problems. I googled what was going on and I found a blog post that made the argument that Red Bubble was a better store. So, I clicked through and it was love at first sight! I signed up and found it much easier to use and I loved all the other designs they have on there. Come on, they have these leggings from the Never ending Story. How cool is that?

Here Come the Excuses

We all have reasons not to try. They may be:

  • My work isn’t good enough
  • I don’t have time
  • I have kids
  • I’m old
  • I work full time
  • I’m a college student
  • I’m too busy

Guys, these are all excuses. Just do it anyway! You will be glad you did. Instead of spending the fringe hours on social media or watching TV, do this instead. You’ll be proud and you won’t regret it. I understand being busy, I have two toddlers under age 3 and I am a work-at-home mom with a husband grad school and very limited child care help. If I can make it work, you can too.  (And this doesn’t mean cutting back on sleep! It just means identifying time wasters and replacing them with something better.)

How to Make a Red Bubble Store

  1. Go to the Red Bubble website
  2. Click the link to sign up for free.
  3. Follow the steps.
  4. Enter your payment information so they can pay you when someone purchases a design.
  5. Start uploading art work! Just make sure it is your original design. If you love to make fan art, check out their Partner Program.
  6. Check that your design was placed properly on each product.

Et voilà! It really is that simple. And I must agree, it is simpler than Cafepress.

How do I get my non-digital artwork on the computer?

You just need to scan it and save it to a flash drive. Check out your local library, I scanned more than 20 images there for free! I felt like I discovered gold.

How much of a profit can you make?

It depends on how much you decide to markup your product. You can find out more here.

Go start your shop!

If you decide to start a shop or you already have one, please leave a link in the comment below! I’d love to see. Here is a link to my shop ! And check out  my artwork here.



Why You Should Create (Even if Your Work isn’t Perfect)

The world needs you to create.

And I’ll tell you why. But first, I love this verse:

Proverbs 13:12:

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.”

Here is my understanding:

It reminds me that following my dreams and using the talents that God gave me will not only develop my talents more but it will bless my family and those around me.

To me, “hope deferred” is referring to when we allow self-doubt, fear, and anxiety to prevent us from doing what we know we need to do. We let our negative thoughts take control and our heart becomes sick. The reality is, we are all sinners and none of us are perfect and that’s okay. But we can still do something, no matter how small. We can’t let our brokenness discourage us, slow us down, or stop us. Remember, Saint Teresa of Calcutta said “Do small things with great love.”

My artwork and remember you don’t have to be perfect.

I drew the tree picture above. To be honest I’m not exactly happy with the way it turned out. But I realized, that’s exactly what this verse is talking about. I just need to keep doing the work. After all, God doesn’t command us to be successful, only faithful. If I listened to my thoughts of “what do you think you’re doing, it’s not going to turn out good enough” and “you don’t have time to draw a decent picture” , it would have never happened. And that wouldn’t have been pleasing to God.

And there may be other voices we hear that try to stop us…

“But you have small children, so you don’t have time”

“You work full time, so you don’t have time”

“You’re too old”

“You don’t have enough money”

“It’s selfish to take time for personal endeavors”

“You should be spending ALL of your free time with your family”

“You don’t know everything about it yet”

“You don’t come close to others doing the same thing”

“You’re not good enough”

“You already have enough to do”

Guys, if you ever have these kind of thoughts, don’t listen. And don’t wait until your work is perfect to share it. The world needs you and what you have to say. You tell those thoughts “yes, I’m not perfect, but I am good because I was made in God’s image and I’m using my talents which is what God wants me to do”. And you can thank God for getting you to where you are now and for the progress He has made in your life and all He has seen you through. You may not be where you need to be, but you are closer now and you are on your way!

Here’s a great memoir for pursuing personal passions as well as some great quotes:

See the source image



See the source image

See the source image

Remember, it’s not so much about the work itself. It’s about how God is working in us when we listen to Him and do the work. Pursue your creative passions. You might help someone else. You might transform yourself.




Project in Process

I’ve been asked a lot about what my goals are for this blog, and honestly it is just to have fun and write about things that inspire me and I hope to bless someone along the way. I also want to share art work , and maybe create some pieces that might be nice for a baby nursery.

Growing up, we would always visit a magical place filled with love, warmth, apple crisps and peach cobblers and root beer floats with beautiful antique china and flowers blooming everywhere. This would be my Grandma’s house. And at her house she had this book:

I remember reading it around Easter and eating some yummy Sees candy. In my adult life, I rediscovered it on the blog, Catholic All Year. The blogger of this site, Kendra, claimed this book was her mothering inspiration.

You see, in the book a little bunny has big dreams and is told she can’t achieve them because she has too many babies and responsibilities at home. But she gets busy and trains her babies to be responsible and hardworking and proves that her home can run without her and she’s able to become the keeper of the Little Gold Shoes.

It’s a delightful book, I think brought tears to my eyes when I reread it. Don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t follow your dreams because of having children. If anything, for their sake, you need to get busy and show them how to live life to the fullest amidst serving others.

Here’s a mockup:

As you can see my sweet little girl scribbled on part of it. But that’s okay , afterall, she’s part of my team.

And here’s what I have completed: