8 Ways to Be an Everyday Saint

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Recently, our local priest gave a great homily at mass. Here’s a summary of what I learned:

Why do some people appear to receive more of God’s grace? Here are some reasons:

  1. They aren’t worried about what the need or deserve – they know God will provide.
  2. They put God first, instead of money or reputation.
  3. They do small things with great love, they may not have any high honors in life.
  4. They forgive over and over.
  5. They welcome back the estranged, hurt, and lonely.
  6. They give credit to the Lord, not their own efforts.
  7. They let God in.
  8. They not only avoid sin, and confess their sins, but they seek virtue. They seek to do good.

People who receive more of God’s grace are people who are trying to be saints.

And as Patrick Coffin always says,

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