5:2 Update

You may have noticed that I posted about week one and I stopped. I realized that I prefer to weigh myself once a month. I’ve tried everything. Weigh once a week, weighing everyday. But psychologically I do better when I don’t think about my weight everyday. The downside, I am unable to tweak my eating habits midweek and get back on track.

The Results

Weight: 157

The scale said I weighed 157. To be honest, I was a little disappointed! This means my total weight loss since starting has only been one pound. I expected more weight loss. But, I had to reflect – was I faithful to my plan? The answer is no. So, it’s time to spit my tongue out at the scale, get up, and try again. The good news is, though, if I hadn’t at least been trying to fast some of the days, I probably would have gained 5 lbs due to Easter, birthday parties, eating out, etc. Fasting is good for weight loss, and apparently trying and failing at fasting is good at maintaining weight. Ha!


My relationship to food is improving. I have always struggled with emotional eating. I have my snacky moments still, but when I set out a meal for myself I am putting out smaller portions. I have started eating in courses which tricks my brain into thinking I am eating more food than I am actually eating and I am enjoying the variety and feeling fancy. My clothes feel better, I have lost weight in my face, legs and arms and I feel thinner overall.

Why I Didn’t Lose More Weight

I had a few stressful days where it didn’t make sense to fast. I also had several days where we celebrated which was wonderful and I must have overeaten by quite a bit. I also have not been working out consistently because my husband was on spring break and our daily routine was different.

Changes I am going to make

  • Pray about it more. Maybe even read this book on fasting days.
  • Remember that “health and happiness can only be found through Jesus.”
  • Track calories more carefully on fasting days.
  • If we have a celebratory day, fast 3 days instead of 2.
  • Do a 15 minute workout on non-fasting days. (This is the one I do.)
  • On fasting days, have snack bars or frozen meals available for an easy meal that I know the amount of calories.
  • Cut back to one cup of coffee. I have a hard time sleeping on fasting days, sometimes, and coffee only makes this worse.

Patron Saint of Weight Loss

Apparently Saint Margaret of Cortona is the patron saint of weight loss. I found a prayer from here.

” Saint Margaret, During this time of despair, I humbly ask for your help to overcome my challenge. I pray for your assistance in resisting temptation and gaining willpower to take the right action to follow the virtuous path toward peace and healing, as you have so graciously done. I pray to emulate your devotion of God and resistance to the sin of gluttony. Amen. “

Have you tried fasting? How did it go for you? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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