5 Simple Tricks to Instantly Elevate Your Style

Personal style is has been my hobby for many years. I have read countless books, blogs, magazines and I have watched plenty of YouTube videos. It’s so much fun to try different things and to express yourself through the way you are dressed.

And, of course, everyone has their own style. Some people don’t care about style at all. But some people do, and have just never learned about it. This post is for those people. If you would rather spend your time on other things instead of cultivating your style, please feel free to move on!

Style is important to me because I believe what you do on the outside affects how you feel inside. When I present myself well and feel good about how I look, I feel prepared for the day, more confident and less self-centered because I know I took the time to take care of my appearance and I don’t have to give it one more thought. I think that for some women, especially mothers, spending time on your appearance feels selfish or nothing more than a vain pursuit. This hasn’t been my experience. While I disagree with being excessive in taking care of your appearance, I think when you pare down your style, hair, and makeup routines to take less time, it can indeed be a pursuit of charity. You are communicating with those around you, whether it’s your husband and children or coworkers, that you respect yourself and you respect them and that they are important to you.

Elevate Your Style

With that said, do you ever feel frustrated with your style? Are you tired of everything you own? You want a new look, but you are on a budget? In this post, I will teach you a few simple tricks to look more stylish. To those who are up to date on all things style, these are nothing new, but to those of you who aren’t, these ideas may be just what you are looking for!

The Half Tuck

I first saw this look in a J Crew magazine. It just makes you look a little undone which in turn makes you look more stylish. You can do this with t-shirts or button-downs. If you have a tummy , this trick can actually detract from that area as long as you are wearing pants that fit and flatter your figure. Here’s a video that demonstrates this trick:

The Knot

I saw button down shirts sold with a low knot in the past couple of seasons and honestly I didn’t really care for the trend. But then I saw Lauren Dix on Instagram showcase some fall outfits and one of them had a button down chambray with a knot and I was excited to try:

This is another look that distracts from the tummy area. I am in the awkward first trimester of my pregnancy where I kinda look pregnant and I kinda don’t so I was pleased with the effect.


I first noticed the trend of cuffing your jeans in San Francisco several years ago. Now it would seem all the style-conscious people do it. I first noticed cuffing button-downs and blazers in a J Crew ad. No matter how you do it, it definitely adds a certain je ne sais quoi to your look, and cutting your jeans also opens up different shoe options like booties , and a bonus – your ankles look thinner.

Here’s the cuffed jean look with booties.
This was from a photo shoot my husband did of myself and the kids for our pregnancy announcement. As you see, I am cuffing my blazer. Notice how my arms look slimmer as a result.

Add a Scarf

I’m sure you heard of this one. But have you tried tying your scarf in different ways? Or experimented with small scarves? One of my friends recently wore a scarf like a necklace and I thought it was so chic!

Layer Necklaces

This trick is one of my favorites. It’s best to layer necklaces that have a common element, for example, the both have a gold chain or a color in common. It’s fun to do several dainty necklaces, like Giada de Laurentiis, or mix large and small. Here are some examples:

Image result for layer necklaces
Image source

As you see it definitely adds an eclectic vibe to your look!

If you enjoyed this post, let me know and perhaps I will do more style related posts. Are there any tricks you want to share? Let me know in the comments!

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