How I Lost 56 Pounds

See the source imageI gained quite a bit of weight having 2 babies back to back, which is totally normal and understandable. The only thing is, that weight can be especially hard to lose – especially when I’m not being mindful. Even right after my babies were born, I hardly weighed less than when I was pregnant and breastfeeding only produced a small loss of weight. And I tend to fall in to these mental traps: Continue reading “How I Lost 56 Pounds”

This App Will Help You Create Balance

Accountability is Key

Recently, I came up with some new work/life balance goals I want to focus on – blocking out time for blogging, time for prayer, time for family and friends, and time to waste with my husband. But I decided I really need help with accountability. I was successful in losing almost 30 lbs because I had accountability.  I was in a fitness group on Facebook where I had to weigh in every week. Without accountability, I am lost. I am the type of person who will do my best not to let anyone else down, but when it comes to letting myself down, it’s easy. Continue reading “This App Will Help You Create Balance”

Feel like you are doing things the wrong way?

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The Wrong Way

Do you ever feel like you are doing things the wrong way? In the wrong order? You may be doing things on a different timeline from your peers, you may feel you should already be married or have kids or have a dream career. You may feel you disappointed your parents because you followed a different path than what they hoped for. No matter what your perception of “the right way” is, and how far you are from it, there is still hope for you. Continue reading “Feel like you are doing things the wrong way?”